Crow Away CD- Best Setup Practices

We get a lot of enquiries asking the best way to setup the CD so that it has the quickest and best results. How long you play the CD or mp3 will depend on the type of problem you have. If there are only a few crows, you can generally start to see this working within 30 […]

Get rid of crows- guaranteed!

Let me guess. You’re here as you’ve got a bunch or loud crows hanging around in the early morning and/or right on dusk and looking to get rid of them? if this is the case or if you just have crows attacking your house, car or pets then you’re in the right place! I developed […]

Crows- Quick Facts

Crows are members of the Corvidae family, which also includes ravens, magpies, and blue jays. Loud, rambunctious, and very intelligent, crows are most often associated with a long history of fear and loathing. They are considered pests by farmers trying to protect their crops and seedlings. Many people fear them simply because of their black […]

How smart is the average crow?

Are crows among the smartest animals of all? Many scientists think that corvids – the family of birds that includes crows, ravens, rooks and jays – may be among the most intelligent animals on earth, based on their ability to solve problems, make tools and apparently consider both possible future events and other individuals’ states […]