We get a lot of enquiries asking the best way to setup the CD so that it has the quickest and best results. How long you play the CD or mp3 will depend on the type of problem you have. If there are only a few crows, you can generally start to see this working within 30 minutes to 2 hours. If there are large packs (or what is referred to as a murder of crows), it can take 1-2 weeks to fully deter them.

Below I am going to list the best ways that your can deter the crows and have the best affect leaving you crow and noise free!

Step 1- Us a suitable audio player. If you’re using your mobile device, plug this into some external speakers as mobile speakers are generally more tinny. If you’re using your computer, make sure you have some external speakers you able to get near a window.

Step 2- On the OPPOSITE side of the house or building to where the problem area is, place your speakers at the highest point possible, pointing upwards at a 45 degree angle to the sky. This will enable the noise to travel upwards and appear to the crows as coming from above them.

The other reason for placing it on the opposite side of the house is so that they cannot work out where the sounds are coming from. If you play it near them, it’s likely they’ll work out the sound is coming from a speaker and not be bothered by it.

Step 3- Press play on your audio device. Adjust the speakers to a low-medium volume.

The reason for this is you want the sounds to appear distant. That way the crows can hear the noise but not see where its coming from. As such it will create an uneasiness with them and eventually they will become somewhat paranoid and effectively remember your particular area as a “danger zone” and will be less likely to return.

Step 4- Continue to play the CD at both dawn and dusk. This is generally when the crows activity and noise is at its highest. If you’re problem occurs at different times throughout the day, you can play and pause as needed (but it’s best to have the audio laying BEFORE they fly into the area).

Step 5- Once you notice the crows have slowly dispersed, you can cut back the time you play the CD. Ongoing we’d recommend just playing the CD on a fortnightly or monthly basis just to ensure they never become comfortable in the area again!

We’d love to hear back from past customers who can share their tips and tricks with others so feel free to comment below or email your tips through to us via our contact form!

Thanks for reading and we hope this helps you in deterring your crow problems.

Peter- Founder of Crow Away